Gujarat Wind Power Project, India

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Reduce your carbon footprint by supporting the installation of wind turbines in Gujarat, one of India’s windiest regions, to generate more than 120,000 MWh electricity in a year and save more than 117,000 tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere (more).

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Wind Power Project in Gujarat, India

Wind power is one of the cleanest renewable energy resources and can supply energy to millions of people in Gujarat, the fifth largest state of India by area and the ninth-largest by population. This Wind Park in the village of Maliya reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and Gujarat’s reliance on thermal and nuclear-based power generation. It also boosts national development by creating jobs and education for the locals. The climate-friendly wind energy helps improve living standards and general well-being of the locals.

Project Background

Apart from conventional power generation, Gujarat has remarkable renewable energy sources, mainly wind, biomass, and solar. The installed wind power capacity of the state is more than 3,900 MW. The Wind Power Project generates affordable, clean energy through harnessing wind energy and contributes to Gujarat’s clean energy goal to increase sustainability in the area.

How It Works

This program is building 20 wind turbines, 2MW each, to generate an annual 120,538 MWh clean electricity which is channeled into the Indian national grid and delivered to industrial and residential consumers in the area and save 117,849 tons of CO2e from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Project Benefits

Moving away from fossil fuels and speeding up renewable energy deployment is key to transforming lives, economies, and the planet. The Wind Power Park generates clean energy for the national grid of India, contributing to national development, creating local jobs, and new business opportunities. The Wind Park serves as a demonstration of climate-friendly wind power production technology and its benefits. It also promotes and demonstrates the success of wind projects in the region giving a financial boost to clean energy development. The windmills are expected to remove 117,849 tons of CO2e from the atmosphere in a year – equal to offset a year of CO2 emissions from 12,802 U.S. homes’ energy use or taking 22,699 cars off the roads.

Facts & Figures

  • Local, renewable  wind power displaces a mix of thermal/fossil fuel-based power generation, in compliance with the Gold Standard requirements
  • Produces an average of 120,538 MWh clean electricity per year
  • Prevents 117,849 tons of CO2e harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere every year
  • Increases commercial activity in the region
  • Creates jobs and education, improving living standards of locals
  • Promotes and demonstrates the success of wind projects which may boost further investment
  • Certification Standards: Gold Standard, UN Clean Development Mechanism

UN Sustainable Development Goals Supported

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Carbon Offsets

Each $10.00 purchase offsets 1 metric ton (2200 lbs) of carbon emissions. Climate Futures will permanently retire the carbon offsets (carbon credits) that this project generates, i.e. they will be used to balance your carbon footprint and be permanently taken out of circulation. Each carbon offset/credit can only be used once.

A carbon credit and carbon offset are synonyms and both equal 1 metric ton of carbon emission reductions. See our "Learn" web page for more information on carbon credits/offsets.