Doing business with E-Commerce?

Climate Futures has developed our 1PLANET Marketplace to decarbonize any company’s e-commerce and supply chain systems.

1PLANET facilitates transparent transactional and automated carbon offsetting while financing climate solutions. It can also be used for promotional campaigns to reward more environmental behavior and consumption with our 1PLANET Token.

  • Our REST API solution allows easy 1PLANET carbon offsetting integration into any partner e-commerce and social platforms.
  • Our Shopify 1PLANET Carbon Offset App offers Shopify merchants an easy way to operate a climate friendly business.
  • 1PLANET provides socially and environmentally responsible e-commerce opportunities for businesses and their customers.
  • 1PLANET enables better management of your business and product carbon footprint.

Some B2B & B2C E-Commerce Cases for 1PLANET

  • Transportation and Logistics: Offer customers carbon neutral products and logistics
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Enable sustainable tourism packages
  • Customer Reward Programs: Let your members help the environment
  • Greening of Business Supply Chains: Decarbonize your supply-chains on a transactional basis
  • Product/Event Promotions: Encourage eco-behavior by rewarding 1PLANET tokens
  • Event or Team Sponsorships: Make your event or team climate friendly

Contact us to discuss how your organization can include 1PLANET functionality for your e-commerce business, or to promote a product or event.

Climate Futures is uniquely placed to help your organization:

  • Benefit from carbon-neutral strategies to reduce your carbon exposure and to tackle the climate crisis for your stakeholders.
  • Develop low carbon business models and assess the options to reduce your organization’s carbon emissions.
  • Assess the feasibility of accessing additional financing via compliance or voluntary carbon markets for your carbon-reducing initiatives.

Our Advisory Services:

  • Carbon Footprint Quantification and Reporting Systems
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Regulatory and Voluntary Markets Support
  • Policy and Market Intelligence
  • Project Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies, and Project Development (PDD) services
  • Project Portfolio Risk Assessment and Development
  • Carbon Credit/Offset Commercialization Services and Carbon Finance

Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from over 20 years of experience in helping organizations address the climate challenge.

Does your company have a potential greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) project?

Since 1998 the Climate Futures team has analyzed and participated in the development of over a hundred projects covering most GHGs and sectors. Let our team work with yours to assess the potential of your carbon project and analyze the methodological and offset certification options. If necessary, we can assist with the Project Design Document (PDD) development, the validation process, monitoring, verification, and carbon credit issuance.

Some sectors and project types our team has worked with:

  • Aviation: Solar-to-Gate projects, Biofuels
  • Renewable Energy: Solar, Small Hydropower, Wind Farms, and Biomass/Biogas to Energy
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficient Lighting, Building Energy Efficiency
  • Waste-Management: Landfill-Gas (LFG) utilization projects, Waste to Energy (WTE)
  • Chemical Industry: N2O Destruction in Nitric Acid Plants, HFC23 Destruction, Energy Efficiency
  • Forestry Industry: Carbon Sequestration and Forest Preservation, Biomass to Energy
  • Agriculture: Biofuels, Crop by-Products to Energy, Soil Carbon Sequestration
  • Cement Sector: Alternative Fuels in Kilns, Klinker Additives, Waste-Heat Recovery (WHR) to Co-generation

Contact us to discuss how your project can benefit from our experience with analyzing and developing carbon-reducing projects since 1998.

Are you a project developer interested in commercializing your carbon credits, or a potential buyer looking for a unique project?

Climate Futures has facilitated carbon transactions since 2006, and we can source carbon credits produced by all the main voluntary and compliance standards. We are innovative, enjoy challenges, and we work with different market structures to secure the best solutions for our clients, including:

  • Forward Sales
  • Advanced Payment Structures
  • Carbon-based Debt Financing

Services for Buyers

  • Access to carbon projects that fit your needs
  • Regulatory knowledge to expedite delivery and transfer of credits
  • Assistance with contract/ERPA negotiation

Services for Sellers

  • Access to our network of buyers for your carbon credits
  • Risk management of volatile carbon market prices to protect your future revenue
  • Assistance with credit verification, delivery, and transfer
  • Access to our partners who provide additional services, e.g., insurance, legal assistance, etc.

Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our 20 years of experience in carbon markets.

Is your airline ready for CORSIA?

From 2019 on, almost all airlines with international flights will have an obligation to participate in the Carbon Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) managed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its Member States. Under CORSIA, international flight operators will be required to purchase carbon credits to offset the growth in CO2 emissions covered by the Scheme commencing in 2021.

Upcoming CORSIA Deadlines:

  • May 31, 2020 – Submit the first verified Emissions Report (ER) based on the Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP) to the applicable Member State regulatory agency
  • January 1, 2021 – Eligible operators will be required to offset a portion of their annual carbon emissions according to CORSIA targets

Climate Futures can help you manage CORSIA participation:

  • We can supply CORSIA eligible carbon credits/offsets for your operations
  • By utilizing 1PLANET, carbon offsets can be delivered by customers
  • Our team can help assess alternative fuel options to lower your fleet’s carbon emissions

Contact us to discuss your CORSIA needs.

Need help navigating a Paris Agreement World?

On January 1, 2020, the Paris Agreement entered into force and it will impact the vast majority of our global economy. Even the USA will still technically participate as the timeline for withdrawal leaves the USA in the Paris Agreement until at least November 4, 2020one day after the 2020 Presidential election.

The Paris Agreement will create a complex global landscape of policy measures to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from many sectors of the economy.

Using a different architecture than the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement allows nations to develop bi-lateral and multi-lateral policies and carbon markets. In addition, it contains the Article 6 market-based mechanisms for compliance, e.g., the Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM)the successor to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)which will eventually create a new type of carbon credit and climate projects.

Decisions will be taken in 2020 to establish the rules and procedures for the Paris Agreement market mechanisms and the SDM. These decisions could have consequences for your business and any carbon-reducing projects you are planning.

Contact us to leverage 20 years of experience in navigating the impacts and opportunities of climate policies on business operations.

1PLANET promotes and monetizes decarbonization

1PLANET is scalable to provide small-business to enterprise solutions. We designed 1PLANET to have multiple points of entry that are all interconnected. Depending on your needs, your business could manage its customer and operations carbon footprint with our 1PLANET App, API, or connect via e-commerce plugins. Hyperledger Fabric users may also connect directly. Combining our traditional services with 1PLANET enables Climate Futures to offer business and supply-chain solutions that are automated, transparent, and provide financial benefits for taking climate action.

Contact us to discuss how your organization can benefit with 1PLANET.

Join the 1PLANET Marketplace

Partner with Climate Futures to manage your organization’s carbon footprint and become a part of the 1PLANET Marketplace. The 1PLANET Marketplace is for organizations that commit to climate action using 1PLANET, and it also provides the 1PLANET community with your sustainable products and services. Developers of carbon-reducing projects may also partner with Climate Futures to showcase their projects on 1PLANET and receive support from the 1PLANET community. Sound interesting?

Contact us to discuss how to join the 1PLANET Marketplace.

Our Track Record

The Climate Futures team has been working with climate projects globally for 20 years and are experts in reducing climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions. We have worked with large and small corporations, government agencies, and multilateral institutions. See some of our past clients and current partners below.