Sustainable Living

Today we realize that the climate crisis is real and that humanity’s carbon emissions are changing our planet. However, few people know how to take effective action that helps our climate. Learn how to make a difference with Climate Futures.

What can I really do about climate change?

A global problem like the climate crisis requires global solutions coupled with local action by YOU. The Earth has an annual carbon budget. You can add and subtract carbon from this global budget through your actions and consumer choices. We designed 1PLANET to help you track your own “carbon account” and to easily reduce it with the App. By joining a network of people and organizations in the marketplace, your actions are magnified. Individually our actions are small, but like drops of rain our choices turn into rivers of action toward a unified goal:

Building a positive economy for climate action.
It’s a big idea, but it starts with your choices.
Now is the time to act.

In the following video, Sustainability Director at TEDxMiami, Vivian Belzaguy, shares insights on leveling up your impact against climate change.

How it works for Individuals