1PLANET: A Commodity Backed Crypto with Positive Eco-Impact

1PLANET Makes Climate Action Easy

Powered by our 1PLCO2 Token, our 1PLANET dApp is a revolution in personal carbon footprint management. By connecting you to our 1PLANET Marketplace you can learn about climate solutions and take action in your daily life, with the added transparency that blockchain technology provides. Want to offset your carbon footprint while you are actually using a service or buying a product? Our system creates transactional carbon offsetting, along with the more traditional aggregated approach, to measure and offset your footprint. As our Marketplace grows users will be be able to access more products and services that utilize 1PLANET.

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1PLANET Creates More Sustainable Products and Services

People wanting to lead a more climate-friendly lifestyle need easier access to sustainable alternatives. Your business wants to improve its environmental credentials and reduce the carbon footprint of its operations, products, or services. With 1PLANET your business can benefit from a win-win: 1PLANET can help reduce the life-cycle, operational, or logistics carbon footprint associated with your products and services, while providing you a pool of customers who are searching for more sustainable alternatives. You can even use 1PLANET and 1PLANET tokens for promotional campaigns for products or events.

1PLANET can turn a potential cost into income. Contact us to find out how.

Buy 1PLANET Tokens and Support Climate Projects

By attaching our 1PLANET crypto-tokens to carbon credits created by carbon-reducing projects, we tap the power of market mechanisms to incentivize climate solutions globally.
Climate Protection through the Blockchain!

Fight Climate Change & Support Environmental Projects

Reduce the Climate Impact of Your Business & Lifestyle

Access the Global Market for Carbon Credits

As more people demand climate action by companies, our 1PLANET Marketplace is designed to create more sustainable products and services. We offer new use cases for 1PLANET tokens (i.e., tokenized carbon credits), and easy embedding of 1PLANET functionality into other e-commerce platforms with our 1PLANET API.

Climate Futures Value Chain

1PLANET is an eco-system with many connectivity points for scalability for individual, small-business, and enterprise solutions.

Watch to understand why carbon markets are important and how 1PLANET can support them.

Token Utility & Generation

The 1PLANET Token – Powering our Marketplace
1PLANET tokens will power our Hyperledger and Ethereum dual blockchain platform. It is an application-specific token built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain. 1PLANET tokens allow anyone to support carbon-reducing climate projects.

However, unlike non-blockchain solutions, buyers of our 1PLANET token have the options to bank (store in their crypto-wallet), transfer, or use these tokens in the future for offsetting or with partner e-commerce platforms. After each 1PLANET token is used for offsetting, the token will be permanently burned, and the corresponding carbon credits from our project portfolio will be permanently retired/burned and their serial numbers are written into the blockchain for an immediate audit trail.

The 1PLANET platform can also easily integrate into 3rd Party e-commerce platforms using the Application Programming Interface (API) functionality or the ERC20 token.

Token Symbol


Total Token Supply

150M 1PLCO2