1PLANET: A Commodity Backed Crypto with Positive Eco-Impact

1PLANET Makes Climate Action Easy

Powered by our 1PLCO2 Token, our 1PLANET dApp is a revolution in personal carbon footprint management. By connecting you to our 1PLANET Marketplace you can learn about climate solutions and take action in your daily life, with the added transparency that blockchain technology provides. Want to offset your carbon footprint while you are actually using a service or buying a product? Our system creates transactional carbon offsetting, along with the more traditional aggregated approach, to measure and offset your footprint. As our Marketplace grows users will be be able to access more products and services that utilize 1PLANET.

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1PLANET Creates More Sustainable Products and Services

People wanting to lead a more climate-friendly lifestyle need easier access to sustainable alternatives. Your business wants to improve its environmental credentials and reduce the carbon footprint of its operations, products, or services. With 1PLANET your business can benefit from a win-win: 1PLANET can help reduce the life-cycle, operational, or logistics carbon footprint associated with your products and services, while providing you a pool of customers who are searching for more sustainable alternatives. You can even use 1PLANET and 1PLANET tokens for promotional campaigns for products or events.

1PLANET can turn a potential cost into income. Contact us to find out how.

Buy 1PLANET Tokens and Support Climate Projects

By attaching our 1PLANET crypto-tokens to carbon credits created by carbon-reducing projects, we tap the power of market mechanisms to incentivize climate solutions globally.
Climate Protection through the Blockchain!

Fight Climate Change & Support Environmental Projects

Reduce the Climate Impact of Your Business & Lifestyle

Access the Global Market for Carbon Credits

As more people demand climate action by companies, our 1PLANET Marketplace is designed to create more sustainable products and services. We offer new use cases for 1PLANET tokens (i.e., tokenized carbon credits), and easy embedding of 1PLANET functionality into other e-commerce platforms with our 1PLANET API.

Climate Futures Value Chain

1PLANET is an eco-system with many connectivity points for scalability for individual, small-business, and enterprise solutions.

Watch to understand why carbon markets are important and how 1PLANET can support them.

Token Utility & Generation

The 1PLANET Token – Powering our Marketplace
1PLANET tokens will power our Hyperledger and Ethereum dual blockchain platform. It is an application-specific token built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain. 1PLANET tokens allow anyone to support carbon-reducing climate projects.

However, unlike non-blockchain solutions, buyers of our 1PLANET token have the options to bank (store in their crypto-wallet), transfer, or use these tokens in the future for offsetting or with partner e-commerce platforms. After each 1PLANET token is used for offsetting, the token will be permanently burned, and the corresponding carbon credits from our project portfolio will be permanently retired/burned and their serial numbers are written into the blockchain for an immediate audit trail.

The 1PLANET platform can also easily integrate into 3rd Party e-commerce platforms using the Application Programming Interface (API) functionality or the ERC20 token.

Token Symbol


Total Token Supply

150M 1PLCO2

1PLANET Blockchain Advisors

Davi Lemos

Blockchain Advisor, USA

Davi Lemos has been involved in the Blockchain space since 2014 as an advocate for data privacy rights, tokenized ownership, and blockchain projects with social impact. He holds a Computer Science and Psychology degree from Yale University where he led the university-wide Yale Blockchain Initiative. He currently is based in Shanghai.
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P.B. Stanton

Legal Advisor, USA

PB Stanton, ESQ, is an experienced US based attorney fluent in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Securities and Banking law compliance. As a trusted ICO Advisor, he gives guidance and leadership in all phases from project concept, tokenomics, and whitepaper creation, to full turn-key Token Launches. Stanton’s law career began in the United States Marine Corps as a JAG Officer stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. In his civilian life, Stanton has spent 25+ years providing sophisticated asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning services to affluent individuals and families, prestigious institutions and other high value clients. He enjoys international travel for both business and pleasure; is a very involved father to two beautiful children; and enjoys surfing, anything outdoors, and music.
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Stefan Dejanovic

Blockchain Expert, Serbia

Founder of Octa IT Sourcing with a M.Sc. degree in computer science and experience in research and development in cryptography, blockchain, data & system security and software optimization. Experience developing several crypto/blockchain projects and token launches. He is also Ph.D. candidate in cryptography and has published several papers for international journals and conference proceedings.
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Graham Friedman

Blockchain Expert, USA

Graham is an experienced blockchain specialist, having worked with numerous projects in a business developement role. As a co-founder and partner at TLDR Global, Graham oversaw numerous token investments, and assisted projects with go-to-market strategy. He leverages his vast network to provide support Climate Futures, and is excited by the idea of bringing carbon finance to the masses.
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Q2: 2018

The 1PLANET blockchain-based platform concept publicly announced by Climate Futures.

Q4: 2018

Start of the software development and testing of the 1PLANET Marketplace.

Q1: 2020

The Paris Agreement starts a new era of the "carbon constrained economy"!

Q1: 2020

COVID-19 pandemic cancels planned music festival and other Spring launch events for 1PLANET. Everything goes into quarantine and lock-down.

Q2: 2020

The CF team further develops 1PLANET's e-commerce integration with the release of the 1PLANET API and Shopify 1PLANET app.

Q4: 2020

The CF Team decides to improve the 1PL smart contract by integrating with Chainlink's oracle service.

Q1: 2021

1PLANET DApp and 1PL Carbon Credit are released! The USA rejoins the Paris Agreement to reduce global carbon emissions.

Q1: 2021

The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) begins and most US and international airlines will need to purchase carbon credits to meet their mandatory annual targets.

Q1: 2021

Expansion of 1PLANET business partnerships and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1PLANET Token?

The 1PLANET Token (1PL) is an application-specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain. 1PLANET tokens can be used with the 1PLANET Dapp (1planet.app), and with our partners, to support climate projects that will reduce carbon emissions. By doing so we improve the carbon balance of our planet and help solve the climate crisis. 1PLANET tokens represent tokenized carbon credits which are created by climate projects that reduce carbon emissions.

Are 1PLANET tokens securities?

1PLANET tokens are not intended to be a currency, security, or any other kind of financial instrument. 1PLANET tokens are representative tokens that allow the user to offset their carbon footprint, i.e. they represent carbon credits. In the USA, carbon credits and carbon offsets are unregulated commodities, and there have been several CFTC and SEC decisions on this matter as part of the Dodd-Frank Act. In the EU, voluntary carbon offsets are not regulated by MIFID II. Please refer to our whitepaper for more details.

What does the 1PLANET token represent?

Most crypto-tokens do not represent assets. A 1PLANET token represents a globally traded eco-commodity: carbon credits. Carbon credits were first available in 2005 as part of the Kyoto Protocol UN agreement. Today, their usage has spread around the world, but the users are mainly large companies and governments. 1PLANET allows anyone to easily access and use carbon credits. One 1PLANET tokens equal 1 carbon credit, i.e., a 1PLANET token = 1 carbon credit = 1 metric ton (1000kg) of CO2. Our carbon credits are created by projects certified by the two main global standards in use today: The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) standard.

What is the launch date for the 1PLANET token sale?

The Token Sale launch date through our 1PLANET.app is set for January, 2021. Please register at 1PLANET.app to purchase 1PL tokens.

Users purchasing 1,000 or more 1PL tokens will need to submit to a mandatory KYC process via the 1PLANET.app.

What is the total number of 1PLANET tokens?

Climate Futures will create 150 million 1PLANET Tokens, with the potential to represent 150 million carbon credits. 100 million will be available to enter circulation over time, and circa 50 million will be eventually be locked in the Token Reserve at a future date. See whitepaper for details.

How much is a 1PLANET Carbon Credit?

The 1PLANET (1PL) carbon credit/token will cost $10.00, the same costs for using carbon credits on our website and  launch. We reserve the right to update our 1PL sales price according to market conditions. A 1PL token equals 100 kg of CO2, and 10 tokens equals 1 carbon credit (1 metric ton of CO2). The 1PL price in USD may change in the future, but the exchange rate to a carbon credit will always stay the same, i.e. 1 to 1 (1:1). This enables the carbon offsetting potential and utility of 1PL to remain constant for users and holders.

Large purchasers of 1PL tokens will need to submit to KYC.

What can I do with my tokens?

The 1PLANET token allows you to 1) easily take action against climate change and support environmental projects; 2) offset the climate impact of your business and lifestyle; and 3) use the tokens with our participating partners, products, and services.